Code for design of urban road engineering(Contents)

1 General Provisions

2 Terms and Symbol


3 Basic Requirements

 Roadway functional Classification
 Design Speed
 Design Vehicle
 Boundary Line of Road Construction
 Design Life
 Load standard
 Anti-disaster standard

4 Capacity and Level of Service

 General Requirements
 Other Urban Roads
 Bicycle Lane
 Pedestrian Facility

5 Cross Section

 General Requirements
 Cross Section type
 Cross Section Element and Width
 Road Crown and Cross Slope

6 Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

 General Requirements
 Horizontal Alignment
 Vertical Alignment
 Combinations of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

7 Road-Road Intersection

General Requirements
 At-grade intersection
 Grade Separations and Intersections

8 Road-Railroad Intersection

 General Requirements
 Road-railroad Grade Crossings
 Road-railroad and Road-tram at-grade Intersections

9 Pedestrian and Bicycle

 General Requirements

10 Public Transport Facility

 General Requirements
 Reserved Bus Lanes
 Bus Stop

11 Public Parking Lot and City square

 General Requirements
 Public Parking Lot
 City Square

12 Subgrade and Pavement

 General Requirements
 Pavement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

13 Bridge and Tunnel
 General Requirements

14 Roadside safety and Traffic Control Devices

 General Requirements
 Roadside Safety Facility
 Traffic Control devices
 Complementary Pipeline Network

15 Pipeline,Drainage and Lighting

 General Requirements

16 Vegetation and Landscape

 General Requirements

Explanation of Wording in This Code

The List Quoted Standards

Addition:Explanation of Provisions